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Archive for November 2011

Great Ab Workout

Too Much Stress? Try Getting In Shape

We have known for years that exercise releases endorphines, making us temporarily feel better. But studies are currently showing that getting into shape can also be the most effective way to reduce long-term stress on our bodies as well. Loosing the extra thirty pounds around a person's midsection can reduce stress on their cardiovascular system, lower their cholestrol, and blood pressure. The body no longer has to compensate and work extra hard to perform the same actions of somebody in shape. Getting in shape can reduce stress as much as improving work enviroments, improving relationships, or getting out of debt. READ MORE


Female Athletes At Higher Risk For ACL Strain

Careful out there ladies! Research is showing women to be at a higher risk of ACL strain and injury. For details on the findings and what makes women more injury-prone, read the entire article here... Female Athletes At Higher Risk For ACL Strain  

Jack Lalanne Talks About Unhappy People


Exercises by Winnie The Pooh